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Barefoot Books Children of the World 9781782853329

245,00 NAD each


Barefoot Books Children of the World

By Tessa And Depalma Strickland

ISBN 9781782853329

Barefoot Books Ltd, 2019

You are a part of the world, and you are a world all your own.
Barefoot Books Children of the World, the new paperback edition of the award-winning Barefoot Book of Children, is an immersive, multi-faceted picture book designed to offer readers aged 3-8 a glimpse into the rich variety of the human experience.

With lush hand-painted illustrations from award-winning artist David Dean, each page speaks directly to the reader, inviting children to ask themselves: How do other children live? What do they eat? What games do they play? How are we different? How are we alike?

Children of the World is a playful, powerful and thought-provoking celebration of both the big ideas and the everyday moments that reveal our common humanity and tie us all together.


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