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Ongulumbashe - Where the bushwar began 9781920084813

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Ongulumbashe - Where the bushwar began

Paul J Els

ISBN 9781920084813

Reach Publishers, 2007

Security police obtained information that external trained freedom fighters establisehd the first training camp in Ovamboland in May 1966. Recruiting was done from the local population. Other insurgents infiltrated through the Okavango in small groups and single members advanced as far as Tsumkwe in Boemanland. Others again infiltrated gradually onto farms of the local farmers.

"Catch them" was the order from Prime Minister Verwoerd. This was the first time that a combined attach force of police and troops, with the support of the South African Air Force acted against intruders. Their attack on the Ongulumbashe base on August 26th, 1966 was probably responsible for the start of the 23 years border war.

This is an action packed eye witness report and a look behind the scenes of Operation Blouwildbees. It was an operation with many firsts, which will be particularly enjoyed by history lovers. It also gives an insight on the way of life of the Ovambo's, the vast countryside and political situation of the time. ...and much more.


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