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As the Crow Flies 9781485302681

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As The Crow Flies

My Bushman Experience With 31 Battalion

By Delville Linford, Al J. Venter

ISBN 9781485302681

Protea Boekhuis, 2016

Operation Savannah entered the annals of South African military tradition four decades ago. Few are aware of the significant role played during the course of this operation by a fragmented Bushman unit led by one of the most enigmatic personalities to emerge in uniform.

Until now, Colonel Delville Linford has had very little to say about his role as commander of Combat Group Alpha, or of that played by his Bushman soldiers. In this volume he allows us a peek at not only how this tiny combat force operated, but also at many ‘behind the screens’ machinations which explain how the unit was formed.


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