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Oshiwambo - English Medical Dictionary & Phrasebook 9789994588213

225,00 NAD each

Oshiwambo - English Medical Dictionary & Phrasebook

Embwiitya lyOshiwambo nOshiingilisa lyIitya nOmatumbulo gUunamiti

by Petrus A. Mbenzi

ISBN 9789994588213

Published by Namtranslation Services 2019

Poor communication between a doctor and patient may result in incorrect medical treatment. This bilingual Oshiwambo-English dictionary of medical terms was compiled with the aim of facilitating communication between health professionals and patients during consultations, examination and when treatment and advice is given. It is a useful tool for both the health professionals as well as patients.

The dictionary was compiled together with target users in order to include vocabulary and phrases that they use on a daily basis. Therefore, it includes not only medical terms but also some non-medical phrases to enable users to communicate with their patients politely.


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