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Neither Here nor There: Indigeneity, Marginalisation and Land Rights in Post-Independence Namibia 9789994561582

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Neither Here nor There

Indigeneity, Marginalisation and Land Rights in Post-Independence Namibia

Edited by W. Odendaal, W. Werner

ISBN 9789994561582

Land, Environment and Development Project, LEGAL ASSISTANCE CENTRE
Windhoek, Republic of Namibia, 2020

From the Book:

In September 2018 the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) received a research grant from the United States Department of State, the purpose of which was to support the LAC to develop a series of concept chapters, with a comprehensive and updated examination of the land rights of indigenous and marginalised communities in Namibia.

This grant could not have come at a more opportune moment. Firstly, 2018 marked the 21st birthday of the LAC’s Land, Environment and Development Project (LEAD). Since its inception, LEAD has supported the land and natural resource rights of Namibia’s indigenous and marginalised communities through legal advice and representation, research, advocacy, capacity building and litigation. Thus,the LAC as a public interest law firm is well placed to evaluate the current state of Namibia’s indigenous and marginalised communities’ land rights.

Secondly, the Second National Land Conference was scheduled to take place in October 2018, hence the LAC’s intention was to produce a publication that would help to maintain the momentum generated by the conference discussions. Specific resolutions were taken at the end of the conference, to which policy makers are compelled to give effect. We are hopeful that this publication will be of use to those tasked with the implementation of the 2018 Land Conference resolutions.


1. Land reform in Namibia: Beyond 2018 by Samuel Amoo
2. The economic viability of emerging commercial farmers under the resettlement programme by Selma Lendelvo, Martin Shapi and Clever Mapaure
3. The legacy of Namibia’s landless generational farm-working community by James Suzman
4. Urban land and life in Namibia’s informal settlements by Rune Larsen and Gabriel Augustus
5. From colonial land dispossession to the Etosha and Mangetti West land claim – Hai||om struggles in independent Namibia by Ute Dieckmann
6. Recognition of ancestral land claims for indigenous peoples and marginalised communities in Namibia: A case study of the Hai||om litigation by Willem Odendaal, Jeremie Gilbert and Saskia Vermeylen
7. Ancestral land claims: Why bygones can’t be bygones by John Nakuta
8. The fencing issue in Namibia: a case study in Omusati Region by Rose-Mary Kashululu and Paul Hebinck
9. “Land and resource rights in the Tsumkwe Conservancies – Nyae Nyae and N‡a Jaqna by Jennifer Hays and Robert Hitchcock
10. Access to land and security of tenure for the San people in Namibia: the case of Okongo Constituency in Ohangwena Region by Romie Nghitevelekwa, Fenny Nakanyete and Selma Lendelvo
11. Land and resource rights of the Khwe in Bwabwata National Park by Gertrud Boden
12. Land, resource and governance conflicts in Kunene Region involving conservancies Wolfgang Werner
13. Understanding Damara / ‡N khoen and ||Ubun indigeneity and marginalisation in Namibia Sian Sullivan and Welhemina Suro



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