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Let's Work 9789991696720

250,00 NAD each

Let's Work

Growing beyond a job description

ISBN 9789991696720

Popyeni Kaxuxwena

Published in 2020 by Let's Work Commercial Group

Let's Work is a book on the narratives of Customer Service in Namibia and its work ethics. The book touches on personal development and the need to have grit in the labour market’.

Popyeni Kaxuxwena was born in Zambia by Namibian parents during the liberation struggle. Popyeni is a pro Pan-African business minded individual & supporter.

Popyeni is a trained facilitator on organisational skills development programs, among Countries he trained are Namibia, Swaziland Mauritius and Malawi. Popyeni started his career with as a waiter in a restaurant. He then joined DHL Express Namibia as a Customer Service Agent and moved up serving in different roles, such as Communication Agent, Lead Qualifier, Sales Support and Sales Executive, of which his most recent engagement has been as the Commercial Manager for DHL Express Namibia, where he headed Sales and Marketing. He oversaw the Countries Sales executive team and was responsible for leading the development and execution of the company's commercial strategy.

In his current role as the COO –Chief Change Officer and Founder of Let’s Work Commercial Group cc, he’s responsible for facilitating trainings specific on mind change on how we view work.Popyeni serves on the board of the Seagulls Toastmasters club, as its Vice President of Public Relations of and is also a member of PSAN (Professional Speakers Association of Namibia). He is an avid content writer and a key note speaker on human capacity. He is passionate about giving back through pro bono consultancy that supports African businesses who impact communities socially & economically.


I've just finished reading this book by Popyeni Kaxuxwena, a fascinating must-read for all employers, employees and self-employed Namibians. Popyeni is passionate about improving our work ethic and culture culture of customer care, but does not bore the reader with theories but makes reading easy and interesting with practical examples and his own experiences and stories about his life. I love his honesty and his love for people and our country. Wish Popyeni many readers!

Erika von Wietersheim



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