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Gateway to Adventure 9789991604243

120,00 NAD each

Gateway to Adventure

Pat Honeyborne

ISBN 9789991604243

Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers (Pty) Ltd, 2003, Reprinted 2022

Honeyborne served in the South West African Police from 1926 to 1945. He then joined the security staff of Consolidated Diamond Mines in Oranjemund until his retirement in 1964.

He also travelled the country extensively and over the years, he published a number of articles and contributions on a wide range of subjects. This book is based on a collection of typescripts which he compiled. The content of this volume covers a period of some fifty years. Every effort was made to illustrate this volume with contemporary photographs and sometimes more recent photographic material.

A fascinating and interesting book for everyone interested in Namibia history.


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