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Three Lions from the Land of the Brave 9789994587124

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Three Lions from the Land of the Brave

Helge Schütz

ISBN 9789994587124

The inspiring journey of three Namibian boxers who became world champions and the abundance of talent the country continues to produce. Three Lions from the Land of the Brave follows the journey of three Namibian boxers who rose from humble beginnings to become champions of the world. Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses, Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda and Julius ‘Blue Machine’ Indongo all excelled at amateur level, with Ambunda and Indongo going on to represent Namibia at the Olympic Games, but it was as professional boxers that their careers really took off. They swiftly rose through the ranks as they followed a similar path from national to continental champions, and from climbing up the world rankings to finally becoming world champions. In between there were many trials and tribulations, and triumphs and defeats, while it is also a tale of sacrifice, extraordinary dedication and perseverance, and some remarkable comebacks. But it is also the story of Namibian boxing and the many other boxers who have excelled; the role that Tobias has played in developing professional boxing in Namibia; and the incredible raw talent that this country continues to produce.

Helge Schutz is a Namibian sport journalist and photographer who has won several awards in his chosen field. He has travelled the world and covered major sporting events as a photo journalist, including the Olympic Games, the Fifa World Cup, the Rugby World Cup, the Indoor Hockey World Cup and the All Africa Games, amongst others. He was the editor of the sport magazine, Namibia Sport, for more than 10 years and is currently a senior reporter at the daily newspaper, The Namibian.


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