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Ethnic Oshiwambo and Totem Names and their meanings 9789994589166

430,00 NAD each

Ethnic Oshiwambo and Totem Names and their Meanings

for your baby boy and girl


Panduleni Hamunyela Simon Nakapunda and Mwahalondjila Eunice Lineekela Nakapunda

ISBN 9789994589166

Third Edition, Published by Panduleni Hamunyela Simon Nakapunda, 2021


Always wanted to know what your name meant? Or the name of your friend, colleague or you are looking for an Oshiwambo name for your new born baby? Looking for an excellent gift for a friends baby shower..... or a wonderful sourvenir for friends visiting from abroad and they already have the cliched African gifts? Then this book is for you!

This is the third and Deluxe edition of this very intersting and unique book. It includes close to 1000 names plus totem (omapata, omukwanagobe, omukwahepo etc) names and what this means for you.

The book also lists Finnish and Hebrew names which are common amongst Aawamvbo and how we came to have them (Selma, Suama, Peter, Johannes, John etc)



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