The Nightlife of Oshikango 9789994573264

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The Nightlife of Oshikango

by Hermann Evenson

ISBN 9789994573264

Genre: Crime Fiction

Published by Damaralandbooks, 2019

Pages: 420


An excerpt from the novel

‘Elton, we found out that you are a male hiding inside a female’s body. Even your mother knows that you are the serial killer operating in our city. But we are bringing you down bit by bit, you bloody bitch. Your fake life is coming to an end!’ [P242]


Author’s Bio

Born in Swakopmund. A former banker. Fluent in Afrikaans and Damara, but writes in English. Addicted to reading and writing psycho thrillers. Debut novel took seven years to write and publish. The second novel is still a work in progress.