The Kupferberg Mining Company 9789991688930

275,00 NAD each

The Kupferberg Mining Company

Johan Beyers
Wordweaver Publishing House

The story revolves around a very average Afrikaans fellow named Rudolf de Wet, who starts out on a routine journey to a remote wildlife outpost where he needs to repair damaged radio equipment. Taking a scenic route that few people have travelled on, he unknowingly becomes a pawn in a political match-up between different factions in government and their desperate obsession with a mythical place called Kupferberg.

As though entering a dream, Rudolf is hurled into an idyllic though isolated and unknown kingdom enclosed in the walls of a meteorite crater, called the Duchy of Kupferberg. The inhabitants of this separate world are governed according to a strict religious and moral doctrine that leaves them vulnerable when a war zone develops on the borders of Kupferberg.

Rudolf becomes an integral member in their defence against the invading militia and has his heart stolen away by beautiful women, beginning a whirlwind romance with the perplexing sister of the Grand Duchess and even marrying a beautiful dark-haired woman.

Despite all his efforts, Rudolf soon finds himself betrayed and witnesses the destruction of this unique utopia. Thrown back to the reality of being an outlaw, his chances of survival appear pretty slim...