A Closer Look at Namibia 9789991668833

250,00 NAD each

A Closer Look at Namibia

Dr. Andreas Vogt



In this book, thirty selected articles that have formerly been published mainly in Flamingo, Air Namibia’s in-flight magazine, have been processed for publication in a single volume under the title of „A closer look at Namibia“. (Air Namibia is Namibia’s national air carrier).

Whereas normally a number of photographs are sent in together with the text to a magazine’s editor for publication, only a few pictures may ultimately be selected for final publication.

The result is, that while a host of photographic material is available which could also be used for a photographic exhibition or for publication in a book, only a fraction is actually used in a magazine publication.

The idea of this book is to make better use of the photographic bulk material amassed by the author in the course of preparing his magazine articles in order to convey more visual information, because to take „A closer look at Namibia“ means not to take a cursory glance or a superficial peek only.