Landshapes. The Geomorphology of Namibia 9789991609218

320,00 NAD each


The Geomorphology of Namibia

Roger Swart, Christine Marais

ISBN 9789991609218

First published in 2009 this popular book has now finally been re-printed by Namibia Publishing House
NPH, June 2018

Beautifully explains the geomorphology and the natural shapes of the Namibian landshapes, with paintings, diagrams and text.

This book highlights one of Namibia's greatest assets - the dramatic landforms that capture the imagination of all who travel through this beautiful country. Who has not travelles the compass points of Namibia without wondering about the fantastic variety of landscapes exposed for all to see, just 'like the pages of a book'?...

In this book, Roger Swart and Christine Marais capture the magical essence of Namibian landscapes through their vivid writings and brilliant paintings. They introduce us to another dimension of the wonders of the history of Earth, where processes involving vanished rivers, deserts and oceans, earth movements, and the influence of underlying rock formations interact through the long march of geological time to produce the classic features we see today.

In sharing their extensive knowledge of the geomorphology and geology of Namibia, Roger and Christine provide us with new eyes to understand and marvel over the landscapes of Namibia.

(From the Foreward in the Book)