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Art in Namibia 9789991630731

180,00 NAD each


Art in Namibia

National Art Gallery of Namibia

Adelheid Lilienthal with contributions by Annaleen Eins and Jo Rogge

Photographs by Helga Kohl, except where indicated

ISBN 9789991630731

National Art Gallery of Namibia 1997

Extract from the foreward by Spanish Ambassador of Spain to Namibia German Zurita y Saenz de Navarrete:

"This book is something that Namibia has lacked. It is 'Who is Who' in the world of art. I am sure that it is going to be extremely useful, not only for teachers and students wanting to know about their country, but also for any person, be they Namibia or foreign, who wishes to obtain an insight into Namibian culture...

This book comprises the past and part of the present of the art of this country. May they be the foundations of a bright and creative artistic future of Namibia."


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