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Rehoboth, Namibia – Past & Present 9789994573011

350,00 NAD each

Rehoboth, Namibia – Past & Present

Cornelia Limpricht (Editor)

Solitaire Press, Namibia 2012

ISBN 9789994573011

For the first time there is a comprehensive account of `Baster matters´ set in very broad context: from their beginnings until today. Based on interdisciplinary research the book contains two parts: it focusses on the system of land tenure of Rehoboth, viewing it from political and usage perspectives.

Rehoboth, Namibia

Over 130 years ago a group of people known as the Basters migrated from De Tuin in the Northern Cape to settle here peacefully. Various aspects of this community and how it has retained its identity and common purpose are described in this well researched book. The book comprises 15 articles which paint a picture of life in a unique region that has one of the most scenic landscapes in Namibia.

The land issue is the underlying, critical factor in all the articles.


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