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Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia - A TUCSIN-Festschrift 9789991657271

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Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia

Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia - In-depth Views of the Country. A TUCSIN-Festschrift.

Limpricht, C & M. Biesele (eds.)

ISBN Namibia: 9789991657271

Klaus Hess Verlag, 2008

Sharing of knowledge is one principle of TUCSIN. Therefore, 19 scientists and two writers from USA, Canada, Germany, South Africa and Namibia made the effort to report on their past and present activities in Namibia The articles span a time frame of more than 10 million years and cover a large spectrum of subjects.

Issues concerning the whole country

Wade Pendleton: Migration in and Urban Governance in Windhoek (9-22)
Michael Bollig: Beyond Development – Global Visions and Local Adaptations of a Contested Concept (23-36)
Jürgen Richter & Ralf Vogelsang: Rock Art in North-Western Central Namibia – its Age and Cultural Background (37-46)

Issues arranged along a regional approach from north to south

Eileen Kose: “We are not Looking for Diamonds – We are Looking for Red Stones”. Archaeology of Iron in Kavango (47-63)
Michael Pröpper: Trust, Sharing, and Cooperation in the Central Kavango Region, North-East Namibia. Linking the Results of Experimental Economics with Ethnographic Research (64-77)
Wilhelm Möhlig: Naming Modern Concepts in RuManyo (Bantu Language of the Kavango) (78-89)
Hildi Hendrickson: Toward a Cross-Cultural Analysis of Dress in 19th and 20th Century in Namibia (88-102)
Glenn Conroy: The Discovery of Otavipithecus, Southern Africa’s first Fossil Ape (103-108)
Julia Pauli & Michael Schnegg: Living Together, Writing Together: An Ethnographic Project on Culture and History in Fransfontein (109-115)
Megan Biesele: The Nyae Nyae Village Schools Project of the Ju/´Hoan San: A Community-Based Education Programme in Namibia (116-126)
Richard B. Lee: A Brief Historyof the TUCSIN-Based UNAM-Toronto Programme on Social and Cultural Aspects of HIV/AIDS (127-131)
Jason Owens and Monica Nambelela: Can’t Namibia’s (Ex)-GDR-Kids be Called Adults in this, the Year Namibia Itself Turned 18 Years Old? (132-140)
Cornelia Limpricht & Hartmut Lang: Farms and Families – Land Tenure in Rehoboth (141-154)
Alan Morris: The Cairns of Rehoboth, Central Namibia (155-169)
Duncan Miller: Searching for the Source of the Oanob Copper (170-173)
Sabine Klocke-Daffa: The Modernity of Traditionalists. Culture Change, Identity and the Impact of the State among the Namibian Khoekoen (174-182)
Ralf Vogelsang: The Rock-Shelter “Apollo 11” – Evidence of Early Humans in South-Western Namibia (183-193)



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