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Otjiherero concert songs with CD 9789991631561

195,00 NAD each

24 Otjiherero Concert Songs with audio CD

by Niels ERLANK (Editor), Samuel VK HAAKURIA

ISBN 9789991631561


New Namibia Books, 2002

This is Concert I of the Nambian Music Series which forms part of the Project Towards a Songbook for Namibian Students.

24 Otjiherero Concert Songs is a collection of popular concert songs connected to the lives of young people, whether at school, in hostels, in their families or in their communities.

The songs tell stories of parental love, the difficulties of learning and of getting wayward children to study, the pain of growing into adulthood, the search for true love, and the beauty of the Herero land and culture.

The book is an attempt to record both the music and the lyrics of some of the most popular concert songs among the Herero. When the book was first published, it came with a cassette. Now, it is available with audio CD instead.


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