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We Need One Another In Life 978

180,00 NAD each

We Need One Another In Life

Penehafo K Endjala

We Need One Another In Life is an enchanting book that takes the reader into a story that reveals human nature through the trailing circumstances that both test and prepare you for the real world. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.Indila and Natangwe were inseparable siblings who worked hard through life to attain all noteworthy success that is, until Natangwe dies and the whole family begins to show their true colors. Each page turns with excitement in this coming of age book.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”“The case of friendship is testifying that although the world is in turmoil, true friendship still exists, and in having them, we need to maintain and nurture such good friendship.” - Penehafo K. Endjala “If you picked up this book looking for adventure, you will get knowledge as a bonus.” – Review Namibia

Also available in Oshindonga!!


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