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Light and Shadow in Namibia: Everyday life in a dream country 9783946205074

309,00 NAD each

Light and Shadow in Namibia: Everyday life in a dream country

by Anna Mandus (Author), Sylvia Schlettwein (Translator)

ISBN 9783946205074

Palmato Publishing Oct 2016

Namibia has more to offer than deserts, lions and romantic camp fires. Follow Anna Mandus to her second home and enjoy her tongue-in-cheek yet knowledgeable accounts of what makes Namibia and Namibians tick. In loving detail, she describes her personal experiences with Namibians and their problems, hopes, traditions and dreams, while opening the reader’s eyes to a bigger historical, political and cultural picture of Namibia.

Feel Namibia’s heartbeat as you see and hear the country through the open eyes and ears of Anna Mandus. Accompany her to a Windhoek supermarket, to the rugby stadium and to a women’s conference. Catch a glimpse of Namibian schools and hospitals. Sit down at the camp fire and listen to stories from the bush. Learn how to behave at camp sites and barbecues and how to train your dog Namibian style. Taste boerewors, superlamb and Black Forest cake and find answers to some unusual questions: Can it rain too much in a desert country? What are the Chinese doing in Namibia? When do you qualify as a “real Namibian”?


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