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Spirit of the Wind 9781909339330

250,00 NAD each

Spirit of the Wind - A Photographic Celebration of the Wild Horses of the Namib Desert

Miona Janeke


Medina Publishers, 2015

The Namib Desert is a vast, arid expanse of constantly moving gravel plains and dunes. It covers more than 31,000 square miles stretching the whole of the western coast of Namibia, into Angola and South Africa. The winds blow relentlessly and thick fog frequently blankets the towering dunes along the coast. Although it supports a wide diversity of flora and fauna, it is a harsh environment for man and mammal.In the midst of this seemingly inhospitable region, near Garub, live the elusive wild horses that have fascinated people for almost a century.

And into this wilderness a young slip of a girl ventured, alone and armed with little more than a camera, a tent and a burning desire to follow the call of the wild.

As the weeks turned into months, Miona Janeke followed the herd from before sunrise until after dark: learning, understanding, photographing and becoming one with the free-spirited horses.

This book is the result of an intrepid pilgrimage to discover the essence of the mysterious herds of feral horses. The exquisite photographs of the horses and their surroundings show a deep, almost spiritual, connection between subject and photographer. They are testament to a rare talent and an indomitable personality.


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