National Culture in Post-Apartheid Namibia 9783905758429

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National Culture in Post-Apartheid Namibia

State-sponsored Cultural Festivals and their Histories

Michael Akuupa , Introduction by M. McKittrick

ISBN 9783905758429

Basler Afrika Bibliographien 2015

‘National Culture in Post-Apartheid Namibia‘ addresses the challenges of creating a ‘national’ culture in the context of a historical legacy that has emphasised ethnic diversity. The state sponsored Annual National Culture Festival (ANCF) focuses on the Kavango region in north-eastern Namibia. Akuupa critically examines the notion of Kavango-ness as a colonial construct and its subequent reconsitution and appropriation. He  analyses the way in which cultural representations are produced by local people in the postcolonial African context of nation building and national reconciliation by bringing visions of cosmopolitanism and modernity into critical dialogue with the colonial past.

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