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!Qamtee |aa =Xanya − The Book of Traditions 9783905758047

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!Qamtee |aa =Xanya − The Book of Traditions

Gertrud Boden

Stories, Texts and Illustrations from the !Xoon and ‘N|ohan People of Namibia

ISBN 9783905758047

The !Xoon and ‘N|ohan people of Namibia are one of the former hunting and gathering populations in Southern Africa, who are so well-known to the world under the labels 'San' or 'Bushmen'. They speak two varieties of the Taa language, which belongs to the language family of Southern Khoisan.

This booklet wants to inform about the history of the !Xoon and ‘N|ohan people, their past and present ways of life, and especially aims to provide insights into these peoples' own views of the changing living conditions which they have faced during the past 100 years. The booklet is also meant to serve the members of the speech community as a tangible record of their memories and experiences.


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