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Hai//om in the Etosha Region 9783905758009

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Hai//om in the Etosha Region

A History of Colonial Settlement, Ethnicity and Nature Conservation

Ute Dieckmann

ISBN 9783905758009

Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2007

The Etosha Region in Namibia, comprising the famous Etosha National Park and its adjacent communal and commercial farm lands, has been a conte step region since the advent of colonial settlement. The centenary of the Etosha Park in 2007 provided an opportune moment for critical reflection on its history, a much-needed appraisal achieved by this book through its multiple perspectives.

At the centre of this book are the Hai||om San and their long history of the dispossession and discrimination. Ute Dieckmann analyses with care the historical transformations. These were linked not only to the creation of the one of the largest nature conservation areas in Africa but also to the establishment of a settler state and society.


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