14 Dry River Beds: A Guided Tour 9783905758115

150,00 NAD each

14 Dry River Beds: A Guided Tour

David Jacobson

ISBN 9783905758115

Having been born in Windhoek in 1951, David Jacobson left South West Africa in 1971. He only returned in August 2003 to an independent Namibia intending to repeat the rite of passage for his generation, to drive on route B1/B2 from Windhoek to Swakopmund and back. A road trip into the Namib Desert.

14 Dry River Beds express his perceptions of this journey. David Jacobson collaged photographs that he had taken in the field with other, sometimes very personal objects, citations from texts, and other forms of image. Each art piece is identifiable by the photograph of a dried-out river bed and the accompanying sign bearing the name of the river. Each image can be traced back to its location on a map of the country.