Poisonous Plants of South Africa 9781875093304

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Poisonous Plants of South Africa

Ben-Eric van Wyk, Fanie van Heerden, Bosch van Oudtshoorn

Poisonous Plants of South Africa is a comprehensive guide to the most commonly occurring poisonous plants in South Africa. The book includes:

    Detailed species descriptions of 135 poisonous plants. Each entry includes the following information: a description of the plant, the type of toxin, the potential toxicity of the plant and its importance in human or livestock poisoning, the poisonous ingredients and their pharmacological effects.

    Distribution maps for poisonous plants that occur naturally in the wild.

    More than 450 excellent full-colour photographs that will assist in the identification of poisonous plants and plant parts.

    Introductory chapters on human and animal poisoning in South Africa, first aid treatment, methods of testing for toxicity, extraction and isolation of toxins and poisonous principles and their effects.

    Plant lists according to class of toxin and type of livestock poisoning as well as a useful checklist of poisonous plants and a glossary of medical terms.