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South West Africa in Early Times 9789994576425

330,00 NAD each

South West Africa in Early Times

Heinrich Vedder

Reprinted Edition 2016

With the interesting political developments that have occurred within the country subsequent to the first publication of this work, it was felt that this opportunity should be taken to reprint Heinrich Vedder’s South West Africa in Early Times.

This detailed study of the history of South West Africa up to the date of Chief Maharero’s death in 1890 was originally published in German; in 1938 it appeared for the first time in an English version, being recognized as the first standard work on the subject. The author’s extensive ethnological and linguistic studies endowed him with the know-ledge to give a detailed account of the country and its people, as well as of the customs and languages of the different tribes. A considerable part of the book deals with the progressing colonization of the country by European pioneers whose various adventures, experiences and actions were recorded in a mass of “old notes, letters, reports and diaries”, while the historical part is supplemented by an ethnological account of the native tribes. This is a scholarly work, and with its regard for folklore and tribal tradition as well as for historical facts it recommends itself to all who are compassionate about the country. It is hoped that its reissue will promote the understanding of current challenges facing Namibia, for it remains an extremely valuable account of this part of the African continent.


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