Are you a Person or a Ghost? 9789994576593

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Are you a Person or a Ghost?

A Personal Story about a Namibian Freedom Fighter

Andrew Niikondo

ISBN 9789994576593

Kuiseb Publishers 2018

Andrew Niikondo was born on 15 January 1962 at Onantsi Village near Ondangwa in the Oshana region. His formal education terminated with Standard 7 (Grade 9). He joined the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) at the age of 17 and received his military training in the Tobias Hainyeko Training Centre (Lubango) as an artillerist in 1979.

The liberation struggle did not afford him the opportunity for further study. He re-started school after the struggle, obtained his Standard 10 certificate in 1992 and eventually obtained a PhD in Public Administration from the University of Namibia in 2008. He wrote this story to recall the hardships experienced by the Namibian freedom fighters and to illustrate that the life of a person is a journey with ups and downs.