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The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo 9789991642482

200,00 NAD each

The Second Coming of Mavala

By Peter Orner

ISBN 9789991642482

UNAM Press, 2019

Set in Namibia after independence in 1990, The second coming of Mavala Shikongo takes place at Goas, a Catholic faem school near Karibib. Larry Kaplanski, a young American volunteer, lands at Goas to teach English and History. Upon learning that hee brings with him no teaching qualifications, the principal says, " You came under the erroneus presumption that yourself will be of use to us? Oh erroneus!" Trapped at Goas along with a variety of accentric characters, 'Kaplansk' becomes part of a close- knit group of teachers. Little escapes his observant but comically nin-judgmental eye.

The title character, Mavala Shikongo, teacher of the sub b'S, is a disaffected ex- freedom fighter who can take an Ak-47 in 17 seconds and has 'gravity-defying' balance in stiletto heals. The subject of much unrequited desire, she is silent about her past, and enigmatic about the future.


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