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My heart in your hands: poems from Namibia 9789991642574

100,00 NAD each

My heart in your hands: poems from Namibia

Compiled by Naitsikile Iizyenda and Jill Kinahan

ISBN 9789991642574

University of Namibia Press, June 2020

My heart in your hands is a platform for poets in Namibia to speak out. It lays bare the hearts of nearly 100 poets who have with courage, honesty, and love, spilled their thoughts, tears, rage, regrets, love and laughter onto the pages of this book.

Through this collection, we celebrate the country’s natural beauty, stand in awe of the strength of our people, express anger at the inequality and injustices present in our society and imagine idyllic dreams and hopes for a better future. The poems display rich poetic nuances, vary in length and form and give a textured view of the poets and the environments they represent, a true reflection of Namibian diversity, and a glimpse into our soul.

Art and form complement what is already a comprehensive array of themes ranging from the bravely and brazenly political to the naughtily romantic. The reader encounters a crosssection of Namibian voices and people representing various backgrounds, identities and aspirations defining a growing nation.
Dr Oliver Nyambi, University of the Free State

There is something here for everyone. The anthology is somewhat like the Norton Anthology
of Poetry.
Alexander Brewis, Namibia University of Science and Technology


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