Bullies, Beasts and Beauties 9789991687803

180,00 NAD each

Bullies, Beasts and Beauties

Isabella Morris, Sylvia Schlettwein
Wordweaver Publishing House

Life can be cruel, and cruelty can come at the hands of many, be they bullies, beasts or even beauties! In this anthology, the distinction between fiction and reality is very much blurred – the characters, the situations they find themselves in, the cruelty and humiliation they suffer and the emotions they experience strike a hauntingly familiar note. Set in a Southern African context over the past few decades, many a reader will recognize the places and circumstances – be it the bed-ridden cheating lover at the mercy of his betrayed wife or the domestic worker who sees her ambitions thwarted by a jealous sister – and relate to both the malice and the pathos.